Shiok! O Meter Grand Lucky Draw

Hashtag #saltedeggshiok to fill the Shiok-O-Meter and unlock bigger prizes.
The more you post the more SHIOK the prizes get!

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Salted Egg Dishes Eaten
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  • Tier 3649 HashtagsTo Go
  • Tier 43649 HashtagsTo Go

Each Instagram with the hashtag #saltedeggshiok increases the Shiok-O-Meter counter. Unlock bigger prizes with more hashtags before the campaign ends on 31 Dec 2017. So do share this campaign with your kakis and loved ones and get them to snap, eat and post. All of you will stand a chance to win some SHIOK-ingly good prizes!

Can't wait to eat your next Salted Egg dish? Check out our map to find out where you can satisfy your salted egg craving now!


The lower tier prizes gets replaced by the higher tier prizes as the number of hashtags increase. Check out the fantastic prizes for each tier!

  • 1 x MBS Staycation

    1 Night Stay at MBS Orchid Suite
  • 5 x $50 Grab Vouchers

    $50 Grab Vouchers
  • 1 x Bangkok Trip

    3 Days 2 Nights BKK Trip for 2 Pax
  • 30 x $50 Grab Vouchers

    $50 GRAB Vouchers
  • 1 x Hong Kong Trip

    4 Days 3 Nights Hong Kong Trip for 2 Pax
  • 60 x $50 Grab Vouchers

    $50 Grab Vouchers
  • 1 x Japan Trip

    5 Days 4 Nights Japan Trip for 2 Pax
  • 100 x $50 Grab Vouchers

    $50 Grab Vouchers

How to Join

  • STEP 1: Snap a photo of your salted egg dish from now till 31 Dec 2017
  • STEP 2: Post it on Instagram and hashtag #saltedeggshiok
  • STEP 3: Set your Instagram profile to public for the contest duration

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